Standard Forging BRUSCA | SF-7836

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BRUSCA | SF-7836

Our company is renowned for the best quality wheels, which frequently rank near the summit of just about any automotive spare wheel brand's “finest” ranking. We can also provide specially made wheels manufactured of reinforced alloys as well as utilizing a few of the most technological advancements obtainable.

  • Developed and manufactured specifically for your vehicle
  • Choose the perfect design, finish, as well as magnitude from our selection to make a bold statement
  • Our wheels are notable for their untarnished reliability, highly precise technology
  • We suspect that quality plays a vital role. We wouldn't want to make compromises because there isn't always a margin for mistakes.
  • Advanced technologies and groundbreaking production methods, as well as their breathtaking design features.


We are among the pioneering auto shops in the country, providing wheels and auto repair services all over the state. Our high standards demonstrate that our technicians always seem to have our clients' best interests at heart. Our store continues to work on a range of vehicles using the high-quality truck as well as car wheels and therefore is competent of handling a wide range of brands and models of cars.


Our wheels are specially manufactured and designed to offer the best performance. They will keep your car in the perfect shape, and you will not have to worry about getting these damaged over and over again. You can have the dream rides of your life without any interruption.

  • Have the smoothest rides
  • Best Quality Wheels
  • Uninterrupted Rides


We are here to cater to all your needs and queries. Get in touch with us today!

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Our services are the synonym of perfection and excellence. We never compromise on anything at all. When it comes to our clients and customers, we only provide the best. We make sure that you are satisfied with everything and are indeed a happy customer. Your feedback matters the most to us, and we take it very seriously. We guarantee complete satisfaction and contentment of the clients.

We offer complete quality and excellence guarantee


  • 1.We offer the best quality wheels and services at affordable prices
  • 2.Excellent value for money
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We are constantly striving to meet the requirements of our society. Contact us so one of our qualified and experienced representatives will help and mentor you through the procedure of scheduling your upcoming appointment. If the car's wheels had already lost their luster and charm due to excessive use, it might well be essential to contact a professional.

  • Brand:Corleone Forged
  • Color:Custom
  • Size:19 inches - 34 inches
  • Lugs:5 Lugs, 6 Lugs, 8 Lugs
  • Excellent quality wheels
  • Experts technicians from the industry
  • Make your car flawless as new
  • Impeccable quality best servicing
  • Impeccable customer service
  • Reliable and sturdy wheels